Jan 232008

The mouse inspired me to create this Artist Trading Card. The card will accordion fold to the 2.5 x 3.5 size, and it’s for the next trade titled “Tell Me a Story” with a local artist group I belong to, the NH chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art. It depicts all the various tools, devices and traps I’ve used over the years to defend my house against rodents. The most effective, and the most entertaining, was the spray foam insulation which I used along the perimeter of my house between the bottom of the siding and the foundation. If you haven’t tried this stuff you are missing out on a good time! It ranks right up there in toxicity and fun of the Mattel Thingmaker from my childhood. I still remember the smell of the burning plastic Goop as the Creepy Crawlers cooked. If only we had the spray foam back then. We could have built insulated forts! It’s a shame they don’t let children play with dangerous toys anymore. Bring back Lawn Jarts!


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  •  Jan 23, 2008