Nov 222011

I just finished the calendar for 2012. It’s full of fun, retro collages, and it’s easy to order on Lulu is a printing on demand service for books and calendars. You can see a full preview of all the pages there on lulu. There’s something for everyone, including giant glazed donuts, women in bras, and men mowing the Constitution. Would make a great gift for someone you love, Secret Santa or one of those dreadful Yankee swaps. The price of the calendar is $17.99 plus shipping. Right now they have a 35% off coupon (the best I’ve ever seen for them!) which ends Nov. 30th. I did the math and that makes it only $11.69 plus shipping. Coupon code: STUDIOVIP305.

Click here to order


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  •  Nov 22, 2011