Jan 212008

I’m not sure why I’m starting a blog, but I have some time to kill this morning, and a blog might be a welcome addition to my creative duties. I’m feeling rather uninspired lately. Maybe its cabin fever and the fact that it’s 7 degrees out. Maybe the lack of sunlight has left me depressed. Or maybe the endless stream of snowstorms have left me feeling wan. All I seem to do is shovel and snowblow, and more snow is forecast for tomorrow. My walkway and driveway are like an ice rink and I hesitate to leave the house. I heard the scraping of a mouse inside the kitchen wall this morning so I know I’m not alone today. It’s me and the mouse, together inside, afraid to leave. Maybe I’ll risk it and go to the hardware store today and buy some mouse traps.


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  1. hey donna,
    way cool yhe power of cheese


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  •  Jan 21, 2008