Fore! A miniature art golf course that’s playable and fun for all ages.

Videos of Fore! being played, a time lapse animation of the making of my piece, and my phenakistascopes in action:


Several years ago, myself and 5 other artists got together and discussed the idea of making a hands-on miniature-art-golf course.
After countless meetings and many, many hours of work, we came up with “Fore!” an exhibit of a fun, working,
mini-art-golf course accompanied by wall hung artwork based on the theme of each hole.
So far, we’ve exhibited the work 3 times:
artstream gallery, Rochester, NH April- May 2013
Newport Library Arts Center in Newport NH, August – September 2013
the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River MA, February 2014.

All six holes are fully operational and playable by all ages and measure approximately 4′ x 8′.
We have real and toy putters, whiffle type practice golf balls for safety, and official score cards.