Jan 302008

I had another one of my subway dreams last night – those long, dreary, frustrating journeys that resemble my worst commuting experiences. In most of my mass-transit dreams I miss or get off at the wrong stop, or get on the wrong train and become hopelessly lost. But in this dream I was having such a hard time at the token booth that I never actually boarded a train. I was in a hurry to go somewhere, but first I had to wait in a long line at the booth. But instead of receiving tokens for my cash, I was given change – quarters, dimes and nickels. Then I had to go around the back of the token booth to a long line of complicated, ancient looking token machines where I had to put the correct change into slots in order to obtain the tokens. I missed train after train while trying to figure out this complicated process. In my dream I thought to myself: I really need a metro pass for my dreams. One pass that will work on all my subway, bus, train and monorail dreams in any location. I wonder if I could market them? I can’t be the only one experiencing these nightmares.

I created the above pass in Photoshop from a scan of a NYC metro card. It’s now the official Dream Metro Card of the Dream Transit Authority (or Donna’s Transit Authority). If you’ve had a subway dream, leave a comment!


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  •  Jan 30, 2008