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Postcard Project

Before social media, texting, email, chat rooms, the internet, and the telegraph, there were postcards!

I started collecting postcards in the 80's. I have approximately 500-600 cards and I want them out into the world instead of ending up in a landfill someday. I was in a bit of a funk by the end of the winter and I thought sending postcards to people might improve my mood. And yes, picking out, writing and sending them is emotionally therapeutic for me. (And the first signs of spring here has also helped!) I pick out and write each card with intention. It's all about the process. In this world of social media it feels refreshing to be connecting with people using a tangible medium that you can hold in your hand.

I have no expectations for a response. So if you get one, don't feel like you have to respond. But if you do respond in some way, it does bring me joy. Just knowing that you received it and it didn't end up in a black hole at the post office is nice to know.

I'm sending cards to people from my past and present, to people I've never met, and to addresses I don't have a clue are correct. I'm planning to send at least 100 and it will take me many months, maybe a year, to accomplish this. Enjoy!



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